Three Companies Racing To The Top Of The Gaming Industry

Before Nintendo Wii was released in the market, the game console industry is dominated by Microsoft and Sony. However, when this magnificent console made its entry in the market, the shares of these two companies were down by several points and Nintendo once again captured the spotlight when it comes to game console manufacturing.

Unlike Sony and Microsoft that are more focused with the features that their console offers, Nintendo Wii with its familiar strategy took the game industry by storm. They offer the most advanced game play while selling the unit for the lowest price possible.

Wii uses motion sensor controllers that allow the user to participate in the game physically. This controller captures that movements of the player then transmits it to the console, and the console will be converting it to in-game avatar movements all in real-time.

This innovation from Nintendo forced Sony and Microsoft to have their motion-sensing controllers in order to fairly compete with Nintendo. Recently, these companies released Move for PlayStation and Kinect for Xbox. These units have a built-in camera that tracks the movements of the players. It also has a voice recognition program that will allow the users to use their voices to navigate the game.

Using these new features, who knows what game developers can come up to in order to give us better enjoyment when playing games? Eye camera peripheral, voice recognition software, and motion-sensing controllers are the new definition of entertainment in the modern days.

This intensifying competition in the world of gaming only means one thing. We, the gamers, will be spoiled with a lot of new great features from game consoles companies and a lot better games from game developers as they try to grab and take the front seat in one of the most lucrative industries today.

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